3o Geniko Lykeio Katerinis

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The 3rd Lyceum of Katerini is a senior secondary school in a town of about 70 thousands people, in north Greece, 70 kilometers south of Thessaloniki. It is surrounded by the famous Mt Olympus, the legendary dwelling of the Ancient Gods, Mt Pieria, and the west coast of the Thermaikos Gulf. It was founded in 1979 and the students are between 15-18 years old. There are 3 grades (A, B, C), with 4 classes in A , 3 classes in B and 3 in C . The total number of the students is 240 and the teachers 31. The school curriculum includes Religion, Ancient Greek and Modern Greek language & Literature, Latin, History, Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Mathematics and Statistics), Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Foreign Languages (English, French and German), Physical Education, Business Management and Administration, Principles of Economic Theory, and other courses depending on the grade or the direction that the students select. They study for 5-7 years and have a good English level. Most of our school students are oriented to higher education institutions after graduating from school. Every year in June, third-grade students take entrance exams held at national-level to gain entry to tertiary education institutions. Our students study English for 5-7 years and many of them have good knowledge of English.


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